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Wildway Fan Favorite Product 2021

We decided to celebrate March Madness in our own wild way by pitting every single one of our products against each other. We let our biggest fans, YOU GUYS, decide which product stands alone as the crowd FAVORITE.
Through a process riddled with tough decisions, one product after another voted out of the competition, the final fan favorite product was announced...

To say we're shocked at this outcome would be pretty accurate. We had always believed Coconut Cashew to be the fan favorite, but the smooth and bold flavors of Vanilla Bean Espresso came out strong this time around. 
This unique flavor has an acquired taste that comes naturally to those who love a good cup of joe! How do we create that pronounced coffee flavor our fans love so much? Simple, by mixing pure ground espresso beans straight into the mix. The sweetness of the dates combined with the smooth, deep flavors of the coffee beans join together in perfect harmony.


Want to try Vanilla Bean Espresso for yourself? You can try a "full cup" with our full-size bags or a "little sip" with our snack packs.