Our mission statement next to a girl with a surf board holding coconut chips. Text reads "Our Mission" We are on a mission to build a food system that goes beyond sustainable, connecting climate health to human health through resilient, equitable, and regenerative business.


"To me, Wildway is so much more than a food company. From the beginning, Wildway has been built on an ethos of doing things Wildly different, and using that difference to create positive change in the world. Food is our connection to that change due to how integrated it is in our culture, our lives, and our planet. Healthy, nutrient dense food serves a purpose in our bodies, giving us the energy we need to go out and create our own change in the world. Food can connect us as a society whether it be through food tribes/ communities, travel, or a simple home cooked meal with friends. Food also has the power to save our home planet if we grow, source, and use it in the right ways. I cannot think of a way to have a more powerful impact on our world than through the power of food.

I firmly believe that there is nothing more integral to the health of us, our society, and our home planet than real, whole, sustainable food. It’s why we don’t use any lab-created ingredients, flavorings, fake sweeteners, or any extracts in any of our products—it’s why we work to establish direct supplier relationships for our raw materials, and constantly look for additional ways to reduce our carbon footprint—it’s why we only deal with suppliers and vendors that are committed to sustainable farming and growing practices—and its why we partner with organizations whose mission is to help preserve our wild things and wild places. Food is an incredibly powerful avenue to create positive change, therefore we’ve made it our mission to create a company to do just that.

I couldn’t imagine it any other way."

Our Mission Goes Beyond Food

While food is our main avenue towards positive change in our world, our impact and mission extend well beyond what we make and how we source it. We understand that business does not happen in a silo, and therefore have a responsibility and obligation to do right by our employees, stakeholders, and the broader ecosystem in which we operate. Here are some of the commitments we have made towards creating a better business and a better world.

We are proud to be a certified B-corporation, achieving some of the highest standards of social and environmental accountability, building equity and transparency in to everything we do.

We've committed to giving 1% of sales to environmental philanthropy to help protect our wild things and wild places for years to come.

We understand that running a business has its own environmental impact. Instead of shying away from that fact, we approach it head on and partner with some amazing organizations to offset the impacts from our manufacturing and supply chain.