top travel destinations and where should you travel next?

Top Travel Destinations for Every Adventure

Some many places to see, so little time. With the endless option of adventure destinations, it can be overwhelming to decide where it is you want to go next. Why not let us choose for you?



For the Hiking Enthusiast

Four Pass Loop – Aspen, Colorado

Four Pass Loop, nestled in the beautiful Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness in White River National Forest, is a 27-mile loop that features stunning alpine lakes, fields of wildflowers, and breathtaking mountain views from beginning to end.

The trail takes you through the staggering peaks such as West Maroon, Frigid Air, Trail Rider, and Buckskin of the Elk Mountains traverse. Hikers can trek along these 12,000ft peaks and down into peaceful forests with the route typically taking 3-4 days to complete.

To extend your adventure and take in more of the wild landscape, hikers can diverge from the loop to Geneva Lake and Willow Pass. Many recommend hiking the loop in a clockwise direction up West Maroon Valley for a less steep approach.

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For the Avid Biker

The Whole Enchilada - Moab, Utah

This well-known trail is regarded as one of the best mountain biking trails in all of Utah. The Whole Enchilada clocks in at around 26 miles and begins at 10,000ft with an elevation gain of 1,400ft before taking an epic descent. This trail also includes several others such as Burro Pass, Hazard County, and Porcupine Rim.

This trail offers it all, cruising through wooden forests, wide open prairie land, and aside glistening alpine lakes. This technical trail will take you through steep and treacherous single track until you find yourself beside the Colorado River.

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For the Relaxed Wanderer

Savannah, Georgia

Not all adventures have to be strenuous; it’s absolutely necessary to escape for a relaxing and slow-paced experience. Oftentimes, adventures like these allow us to learn about and experience a place like we may not be able to when we’re busy challenging ourselves.

Gain a new perspective while touring the famous Telfair art museum, take a trip to nearby Tybee Island for a relaxing ocean day, get up close with nature while kayaking the Savannah marshes, cruise along the Savannah river on a grand riverboat, and take a relaxing stroll through Forsyth park.

With plenty of nature and city escapes alike, in addition to homemade ice cream shops and craft breweries, there is no shortage of ways to embrace a relaxing adventure.


For the Fearless Climber

Potrero Chico, Nuevo León

Any seasoned climber has long known about the renowned Potrero Chico nestled in the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon. Limestone walls towering as high as 2,000ft, some requiring 20 pitches, entice climbers from far and wide to try their hand at these impeccable routes.

The approach is an easy 10-minute walk from camp and nearly all the walls are bolted, making for a sport climbers paradise. Most of the routes are ten pitches or more with good bolts and hardly any runouts: routes range primarily from 5.8-5.12 in grade with some 5.6 and 5.13 available. Sources recommend 15-20 quickdraws and one or even two 70-meter ropes to give you access to any route you pursue.

There are plenty of routes to easily keep a climber busy for a week. Don’t close yourself off to just climbing though, venture into the town of Hidalgo and explore the biweekly central market to stock up on food or simply experience the fair-like atmosphere.

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For the Snowbird

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Whether you’re looking to snowboard, alpine, or cross-country ski, Jackson Hole offers something for every winter sport enthusiast. Whatever you may be on the hunt for: steeps, chutes, groomers, or hidden powder caches, you can find it all here. Resorts such as Jackson Hole Mountain, Snow King Mountain, Grand Targhee, and White Pine each come with their own special features.

Jackson Hole Mountain is a technical option for avid snow adventurers looking for a challenge, while Grand Targhee is a safe option for families who are seeking a fun escape in the snow. Wherever you choose to stay and explore, there will no doubt be jaw-dropping views to keep you in awe.

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For the Adrenaline-Junkie

Alaska Skydive Center – Palmer, Alaska

When you think of an adrenaline pumping activity, what comes to mind? For us, jumping out of a plane thousands of feet up in the air slides in first. Wouldn’t you agree? The experience of throwing yourself out of a moving plane is one thing, but the views you see on the way down are a whole other priority to consider. Most people don’t make it a habit of skydiving, so it’s important to choose the right place when you do! Views of the Alaska wilderness from Earth are alone to make anyone tear up, but to descend upon the icy and mountainous landscape with views from above and below is truly a remarkable sight to see.

According to the Alaska Skydive Center, the views on a clear summer day are unparalleled with Mt. McKinley, the Denali range, and Knik glacier in plain sight all around you.

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