donate to the San Antonio food bank

Press Release: Wildway Introduces ‘Give Wild’ Campaign to Benefit San Antonio Food Bank

Company to donate one bag of granola for every bag sold and sent via social distancing care packages to aid families in need

Wildway is giving back to its local community to help families in need of food as part of its new 'Give Wild' campaign. Today through April 22, customers who send their loved ones social distancing care packages of granola will have their orders matched and donated to the local food bank. 

“Coronavirus has caused a lot of people in our community to lose their jobs, creating a deep level of stress and fear. Our 'Give Wild' campaign was created to help not only alleviate some of the worries families face as they will have more options at their local food banks but also to spread cheer,” said Wildway Co-Founder Kelli Koehler. “We want those who receive packages in the mail from participating customers to know they have people thinking about them and wishing them well, even if they can't be within six feet of one another right now.” 

Customers interested in participating must use the promo code ‘GIVEWILD’ at checkout. During the time of the campaign, free shipping will also apply.