Celebrate Mother's Day the Wildway

Celebrate Mother's Day the Wildway

Mother's Day is the special day that we get to recognize and celebrate the women in our lives. So, do it right! Wildway has 5 ways for you to take full advantage of this opportunity to show your gratitude and appreciation for all the moms out there. Here they are:
  1. Cook a meal together

Forget the fancy dinners at expensive restaurants that you read about online. Have some real fun making a meal yourselves! Find a new recipe or pick one of your favorites things that mom makes and create it together. It’s an experience you’ll share and remember far beyond a 5 star rated restaurant on Yelp. Bonus points if you use Wildway in that meal.

  1. Go on a picnic

Take that food you just made and enjoy it outside. Ditch the long waits for brunch and find a local park to have your Mother’s Day meal. Get away from the crowds and spend some quality time just the two of you. Your mom was probably the first one to ever take you on a picnic as a child, so this will be a fun reminder of those days as well as create some new memories to look back on in the future.

  1. Have an adventure together

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again, and we’ll keep saying it. Nothing creates memories or strengthens a bond like an adventure. Whether it’s hiking, camping, kayaking, skydiving (that’s a pretty wild mom right there), or it’s just trying something different or going somewhere new. Having that adventure together will surely surpass any spa day and make for a Mother’s Day you won’t forget.

  1. Plant a garden or flowers together

Moms love flowers. But instead of buying a bouquet from the store, plant something together! Whether you’re planting vegetables in the garden or a small succulent for the windowsill, you’ll be giving her something that lasts longer and means more.

  1. Start a new tradition

Whatever you do, make it lasting. Start a new tradition that you and your mom will share for years to come. Do something that is special and unique and more valuable than any gift you could buy.


Happy Mother's Day!

Live Wild.