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Getting What You Pay For

Cheap food might have a feel-good effect on your wallet, but what effect is it having on your overall health?
A great article published recently by New Hope Media recently referenced a study done by The Journal of the American Medical Association on the effects of subsidized foods (ie wheat, corn, soy and dairy) on our health. The conclusion isn't surprising.
According to the article, "... people who ate the most subsidized food had a 37 percent higher risk of being obese and a 41 percent higher risk of having belly fat; they were also more likely to have abnormal cholesterol and blood glucose levels. "
In brief, eating subsidized foods (no matter the form) just isn't good for your health.
There's a reason we use only real, whole-food ingredients in our products. There a reason we don't add any processed oils, sweeteners, wheat, corn, or soy to our products. That reason is very clear. We're not huge fans of subsidizing your health just to "subsidize" our wallets. While we could likely get by adding sweeteners, oils, extracts, and "natural flavors" to our products, we don't. We choose not to pad our wallets and pocketbooks for the sake of consumers' health.   We feel damn good about that too.
Eat Wild, Live Wild,