Wildway Founders Kelli & Kyle

Life Unlimited

Life is filled with a hundred dos and don'ts---some of which we have imposed on ourselves and some that have been suggested by others. While we are busy incorporating all of these in our lives, we lose something special—the ability to live life as we ought to, to enjoy its essence and live life- Unlimited.
There can be no doubt that good nutrition and exercise are a part of good living for that's what keeps you healthy in mind and body and in good spirits, but the concept of living a full life is much more than an impeccable exercise and nutrition plan.
One of the golden rules to live a full life is doing what's important to you; this may involve running risks, taking the plunge, having the courage to say 'no' to people and doing things your way—the way that makes you happy and full of joie de vivre. As you meander along life's path, you may make friends on the way who 'pep you up' and also the naysayers who'll try and bring you down. You need to remain firm and steadfast in your beliefs and be able to weather any storm that crosses your path and derails your aims and goals.
The roads of life are criss-crossed and it's up to you to untangle the lines and go the road you want. This journey is fraught with temptations that might lure you away from your heart's desire, but never compromise on your values or your code of ethics—never lose face for you need to be able to look at yourself in the mirror every day. At all times, be honest with yourself and honest to others—the satisfying aftermath belies all description.
Understand the meaning of life- for it's going to be crowned with your own thoughts and your own actions. Be hungry for knowledge, keep learning and propel yourself forward. You need to know where you're going and how you're going to get there. It's not going to happen overnight and it may take a while before you are anywhere near where you want to be, but don't lose heart and give up. A few mirages may surface before you find an oasis. This happens to everyone who tries to live life 'king-size' and it's well worth it in the end.
Learning is an unending process and you need to have an open mind -listen, learn, assimilate and absorb as much as you can—the more, the better. By opening up your mind, your gray cells become more active and your emotional quotient remains healthy. It doesn't matter what you learn—so long as that makes you feel that life's worth living.
Fill your life with all the things you want around you so that not a day passes when you lack something. Once in a way -Live wild-throw caution to the winds and do the things that you always wanted to do but never got to do. This opens up vistas unknown and throws you into a world where excitement and delight lace your days.
Life is for living and once you have that as your goal, nothing and no one can stop you from making something out of it. You live only once and life is too short to make a mess of it -Turn the pages one by one, fill it with golden moments and etch it with engravings that make history for you.
In the end, if in your eyes, you are a better person and you feel that you've made most of what life has to offer you, you've lived life the way it ought to be lived and will have no regrets.