Must Have's for an Epic Summer Road Trip

Must Have's for an Epic Summer Road Trip

At Wildway, we’re big on “experiences > things.” We prefer trips over toys and would rather go places than get presents. However, even avid adventurers like us need a few material items to pursue our #livewild lifestyle. That’s why we’ve put together a list of must-have items for a summer road trip. Check out these awesome products and then get ready for an epic excursion this season.

1. Wildway Fruit & Nut Snack Mix

 wildway snack mix

Wildway makes fuel for the adventurous soul.

The new Fruit & Nut Snack Mix is the ultimate road snack you've been missing, packed with clean ingredients that keep you full and happy on the road. Coming in 3 uniquely delicious flavors, these snack mixes will satisfy all those car cravings and make your road trip even better.

2. YOGO Ultralight Yoga Mat

 yoga mat

 YOGO makes yoga mats that you can take anywhere.

The Ultralight Yoga Mat allows you to take your practice everywhere, even on the road. Focused on portability and convenience, YOGO has created a simple, high-quality fitness object that allows you to pursue your best self no matter where your wheels take you.

3. Cheddies Cheese Crackers Variety Pack

 cheddies cheese crackers

 Cheddies took the cheesy snacks we all love and made them better.

Using all natural cheddar and other high-quality ingredients, Cheddies makes the savory and crunchy munches perfect for a long drive. These crackers come in 4 flavors that will satisfy your hunger and keep you rolling to your destination!

4. Rite in the Rain's Notebook and Organizer Pouch

 waterproof notebook

Rite in the Rain is all about defying mother nature to make sure nothing stops your adventure.

With their waterproof journals, pouches, and writing utensils, Rite in the Rain gives you the perfect way to remember your road trip. Document all the sites, stops, and stories of your excursion with these durable products that beat the elements and bring your road trip memories to life.

5. Puffworks Peanut Butter Puff Variety Pack

 peanut butter puffs

Puffworks is another snacking staple for any road trip.

These peanut butter puffs are clean-label, healthy, and delicious. Each puff is a satisfying munch that will fuel every mile of your trip. Grab the variety pack, hit the road, and have fun.

6. Nose Patrol Air Fresheners

 nose patrol air freshener

Nose Patrol is making good times smell better.

Founded by 3 guys that have spent a lot of time behind the wheel, Nose Patrol makes air fresheners for vehicles going places and people seeing things. Get your hiking boots dirty, soak your wetsuit, and snack all you want- Nose Patrol has you covered.

7. Wild Friends Nut Butter Packets

wild friends nut butter

Wild Friends makes food friendly and fun. 

Their on-the-go nut butter packets are delicious, nutritious, and convenient, making them perfect for a long drive. Coming in a variety of flavors, there's something for you and all of your wild friends on the road trip. Keep snacking and keep exploring!


Whether you are an adventurer, know one, or want to become one, these products will take you places. Pack these things in your bag, get in your vehicle, and go on an epic excursion.

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