Find your Greatness

Perception vs. Reality

The Olympics are soon to be upon us.  We sit in suspense and watch the world’s top athletes perform at an exceptionally high level. Many times these events last only minutes, or even mere seconds, yet I always marvel at the athleticism that these Olympians possess. It’s inspiring and amazing to say the least.  
What is even more inspiring and amazing though, is to think of the amount of hours and hours of practice that these athletes put themselves through. Hundreds and even thousands of hours of practice and it all boils down to a few seconds. It’s something I think many of us take for granted. We sit and watch in awe as these men and women give everything they have, then cheer and jeer depending on the outcome.
In reality, this should be a lesson for us all. Greatness, dominance, a champion, whatever you want to call it—takes work—hours and hours of deliberate (many times unsatisfying, boring, and difficult) work. It’s everything that we DON’T see that leads up to the final few seconds that we do, that matters.
Many of us have goals in business and in life. Dreams that we someday wish to accomplish, desires we someday hope to fulfill, and destinies we hope to someday make reality. It’s the determination to relentlessly pursue these day in and day out that will make the difference between those that accomplish them, and those that fall short. We have to realize that sometimes the “practice” will be tough; sometimes it will hurt; sometimes it will be downright brutal. It’s those that make it out the other end that are destined for greatness.
So give life everything you have, because greatness is in every single one of us—It just needs your determination to bring it out.
"Its what you do in the dark, that puts you in the light."