Spring Fever: Wildway's Guide to Living Wild this Season

Spring Fever: Wildway's Guide to Living Wild this Season

“It’s spring fever… You don’t quite know what it is… it just makes your heart ache.” – Mark Twain

Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth. It’s a season of blooming, growing, and refreshing. Springtime means cleaning out your closet and/or pantry, as well as cleaning up other aspects of your life.  It means weather that makes it hard to stay indoors and a universal longing to go outdoors.

Mark Twain recognized that there was something special about this season and so do we. Wildway loves this time of year and we love being able to make products that fuel all your Spring activities and aspirations. Here’s our guide to living wild in Spring:

Get back outside

The weather is never more perfect than in those precious springtime months. It’s no longer too cold to step out your door, but it isn’t yet too hot to make you stay in the A/C. So, take advantage of it and GO OUTSIDE. Try a new sport or activity that gets you outdoors- disc golf, trail running, anything. Take part in all the new growth and blooming that’s happening around you- plant a tree or smell some wildflowers. Spring is the rare time you can soak up some sunshine without shivering or sweating, so go catch some rays.

Spring cleaning

Many of us can remember those days growing up when your mom was in a “Spring Cleaning” mood and you had to spend hours cleaning out closets, garages, and any other area of the house that needed attention. Days like that weren’t always my favorite but there was something about the idea of “Spring Cleaning” that stuck with me. I liked the idea of a season being some kind of universal trigger to cleanse and that the cleansing that took place was unique to everyone. For some (moms), it’s reorganizing the laundry room. For others, it’s simplifying and purging. Whatever it means to you, don’t overlook the importance of this season of “cleaning” in life. Whether you clear out your pantry of all that unhealthy food (and restock with lots of Wildway, of course) or you rid yourself of 10 material possessions you no longer need, you can take simple actions to improve your life. Spring is the time to do it.

Check your attitude

As you watch the world around you bloom and grow, it’s the perfect time to reflect on your own growth and hit “refresh” in your life. Spring is a chance to check in on yourself and get new perspective. Take in all the change that comes with this season and be grateful. Feel the positivity and possibility in the air and apply it to your attitude. Recognize the signs of life that appear in the form of green grass and warm rain showers. Feel that newness in your own life and enjoy a season to refresh and rejuvenate.

Enjoy it while you can

With any season, it’s important to partake in all it has to offer. In the fall, the leaves change and football games abound. Summer is swimming and road trips. Winter means snowboarding and staying warm. This time of year is also full of things to enjoy and you can’t miss out on spring-exclusive activities, like: farmers markets, music festivals, local fairs, baseball, yoga in the park, camping, and so much more. Do all these things and more- while you can. Appreciate and take advantage of the seasonal opportunities around you. Then, move into the next season ready to Live Wild all year long.