Wildway Cooking Class

Wildway Cooking Class

Wildway is all about quality foods and quality people. That's why we wanted to do something that highlights both of those things... a Wildway Cooking Class! We invited some of our friends in the San Antonio health and fitness community to join us in a culinary education from Your Sassy Chef Heather. It was a day of learning, fun, and a surprise dessert competition- Wildway's own version of "Chopped." Read about our wild kitchen experience and be on the lookout for our next Wildway Cooking Class.

Sassy Chef Heather

Order up: Cauliflower Sushi.

Specifically, cauliflower sushi (we keep things healthy and nutritious at Wildway). We wanted something unique and new for everyone to learn, but also challenging and rewarding to make. So, we chose cauliflower sushi rolls for the meal that Sassy Chef Heather would be demonstrating and it did not disappoint.

To begin, we split everyone into 4 teams with their own prep table, ingredients, and supplies. From then, it was a crash course in the creation of a delicious dish that not many people ever attempt to make themselves- Sushi!  So, with the instruction of Chef Heather, we grabbed our rollers and got to work.

sushi ingredients

From baking the cauliflower rice, to forming the perfect roll, to slicing and saucing the final product, everyone was able to get their hands dirty and learn a new meal to try at home. 

sushi roller

The final products turned out tasting and looking wonderful!


After everyone enjoyed their self-made sushi, we told them they couldn't leave just yet. We still had room for dessert and this time they had to make it without chef instruction and without knowing the ingredients beforehand. Wildway's very own version of "Chopped." Each team was given secret ingredients and a 30 minute time-limit. Their efforts were admirable and the results were surprisingly awesome. Read more about that challenge on the Wildway Does "Chopped" article.

Watch the video: