Wildway Does "Chopped"

Wildway Does "Chopped"

What does one make with Wildway Coconut Cashew Granola, chickpeas, bacon, and rambutan? We found out. After the Wildway Cooking Class, we held our version own version of "Chopped," where we put 4 teams to the test in a surprise dessert challenge. 

The secret ingredients:

  • Wildway Coconut Cashew Granola
  • Rambutan
  • 1 can of chickpeas
  • 2 slices of uncooked bacon
  • Community ingredients (nut butter, eggs, unsweetened dark chocolate, coconut flour, etc.)

From the time Kelli said "Go," it was chaos in the kitchen. These newly-made sushi chefs were now put to the test and the game was on. Each team huddled together and whispered frantically, brainstorming what they would make. They scrambled back and forth from the stove and oven, fighting over the community ingredients and racing the clock to create their mystery dessert. 

Each team had a different strategy. Some decided on a recipe and assigned tasks, some were just making it up as they go. Still, everyone was putting in work and showing their skills in the kitchen. From whisking and mixing, to frying and baking, those crazy ingredients began to come together in ways you wouldn't imagine. The clock was running out and the kitchen began to smell strangely of chocolate and chickpeas. 

As Kelli counted down the last 10 seconds, the teams put their finishing touches on their creations and prepared to present them to the judges... None other than Wildway Founders, Kyle and Kelli Koehler. 

The submissions:

  • Team 1: Caramelized Bacon Cookie Dough

  • Team 2: Chocolate Covered Cookie Dough Bites

  • Team 3: Chocolate Hummus

  • Team 4: Chickpea Brownies

The winner: Team 2

After tasting each of these submissions and giving their expert feedback, Kyle and Kelli had a difficult decision in front of them. Each team had submitted an uniquely impressive product and all 4 were delicious in their own way. Nevertheless, there can only be one winner and Team 2's Chocolate Covered Cookie Dough Bites won the judges over. Congrats Team 2 and congrats to everyone for finding a way to make chickpeas and bacon into a dessert!

We had a blast learning and creating in the kitchen with these wonderful people and we can't wait for the next Wildway Cooking Class. Keep cooking and Live Wild. 


Watch the video: