Wildway launches at HEB

Wildway Launches with HEB

We are exited to acnnounce that you can now find Widway Grain-free Granola in over 100 H-E-B stores across Texas!
We are more than thrilled to be partnering with this great local retailer, who will carry our 3 original flavors, Apple Cinnamon, Banana Nut, and Coconut Cashew.
So glad to see that the real food revolution is catching on like wildfire. It's consious consumers like you who vote for great produts like ours with your dollars that help us grow and succeed.
Thank you to all of our supporters who have, and continue to, believe in us every step of the way. We are looking forward to bringing you all more and more healthy breakfast options in the future that will continue to allign with our real-food promise.
Because you are what you eat, so eat to live, and live wild.