Wildway Outdoor Retailer

Wildway takes on Outdoor Retailer

This past week we traveled up to Salt Lake City to attend our first ever Outdoor Retailer Trade Show.
Outdoor Retailer is the largest trade show for outdoor products in the country, and this thing was MASSIVE. I've never seen so many people walking around who looked like they just came out of the Rockies or off the Appalachian trail. Truly a site to see and a great place to showcase our products.
This is the first time that we would be showing our new look to a larger audience so we were exited to get the word out and spread our Wildway of life philosophy at the show.
We'ev always fueled our outdoor adventures with Wildway, so what a better way to spread the word than by putting our products in the hands of outdoor enthusiasts ourselves.  Just wish we had planned better and built in some time to ski as it snowed most of the days we were here.  Overall a great show though and really glad we came.
Get outdoors, make your own adventures, and live Wild.