how businesses can help the environment

Business In the Backwoods: Our Quest to Better the Environment

Saving the planet lies not only on the shoulders of the consumer, but also businesses themselves. There are many ways to preserve and protect our planet, from mindful recycling to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, any effort is better than no effort at all.

Wildway has always had a passion for the outdoors, so it comes as no surprise that we have always tried to be mindful about the ways our business impacts our environment. The type of packaging we use, where we choose to source our ingredients, reducing food waste, and so much more have been at the center of our priorities.


While many efforts to save the planet and better our environment are simple changes in practice, others are quite the opposite. One of the biggest changes we strive to accomplish is transitioning our packaging from non-recyclable to one less wasteful. Initially, we had the idea to skip recyclable packaging completely and go straight to the best and most effective packaging, compostable; however, we quickly realized this would be no easy feat.

Compostable packaging requires that oxygen be able to penetrate the packaging; this would not be a viable option since our granola cannot be exposed to oxygen or it will go bad, as with all-natural perishable foods over time. Although we’ve experienced our share of road blocks, we’re determined to find a better solution for the outdoors we love and hope to preserve.

A huge recent accomplishment was Wildway’s partnership with Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation (TPWF). We had many great experiences trekking through our beloved Texas parks and we’re grateful to be able to pour back into them in any small way we can. Our most recent seasonal flavor, Wild Blueberry, is our small token of gratitude for all that the parks have given us over the years.

Ten percent of sales from our seasonal Wild Blueberry Grain-Free Granola will be donated to the TPWF to contribute to their mission of giving everyone access to wild places for peace and adventure.

The giving doesn’t stop there. We also installed a feature on our website to give customers the opportunity to round up their purchase and donate those proceeds to the TPWF as well.

We believe that every small act culminates to make a big difference, and at the end of the day, giving back to the places that feed our wild selves is what fuels us most. If you have an idea for how we can lend mother nature a helping hand through our business practices, we would love to hear what you think!