compostable mailers and better for the environment

A More Eco-Friendly Way to Shop

Countless companies are contributing to plastic waste with the millions of plastic mailers used to ship their online orders.

We're choosing a higher road with a lower carbon footprint, compostable mailers.

It's no secret the recycling industry is not what we would believe it to be. Between the years of 1950 and 2015, only 9% of the plastics we "recycled" were properly recycled. The remaining 91% ended up in landfills, or worse, polluted the environment like any other trash.
The recycling industry has not caught up with the demands of the amount of trash we as a population create and, as a result, many plastic are treated just as any other trash. Plastic bubble mailers we've received from ordering online from countless websites, like the one pictured above, are hurting the environment more than we may realize.
The question we should all be asking is...
"How do we overcome what has now become a trash AND recycling problem?" 
Eco-friendly packaging, such as biodegradable and compostable packaging, are some of the best solutions for this overwhelming issue with ecommerce businesses. 

What is eco-friendly packaging? 

Eco-friendly packaging is often made of more sustainable material that has a reduced impact on the environment than traditional plastic packaging. This type of packaging is also created to help reduce waste, use minimal renewable resources during its production, and to be more safe to consumers and the environment throughout its lifetime.

What sets our mailers apart -

We began using compostable mailers through Better Packaging Co. as a means to reduce our carbon footprint and transform our ecommerce business for the better.  Our new compostable mailers are made of renewable plant materials and PBAT, and can be broken down to join the soil in less than 180 days. 

Not shockingly, the use of compostable mailers has been found to reduce carbon emissions by 60% compared to traditional plastic mailers that are more harmful to the environment. 


It's simple really, instead of throwing your mailer away once you've removed your Wildway goodies, do any of the following:

Throw it in your compost

Use it as a planter when planting veggies, flowers, and anything else into your garden

Throw it in with your food scraps and garden waste


Want to help improve your ecommerce methods even further?

For another way to help the environment when you order online, choose to offset the carbon emissions created for us to ship your Wildway order to you with just one little click. 

At checkout, simply click the box shown above and we will offset an equal amount of carbon emissions. To this day, we've offset more than 113,000-lbs of carbon, which is the equivalent of saving over 10,000 trees!