easy, quick and healthy one sheet pan meals

12 Healthy One Sheet Pan Meals

In a crunch for time or just plain fed up with cooking elaborate meals? We feel that. Sometimes you have more important things on your plate than preparing the perfect delicious meal your whole family will enjoy. Whether time and effort are on your side or not, one sheet pan meals are the perfect solution. Not only is clean up minimal, but so are the ingredients and prep time! These meals are all around winners and won't have you sacrificing nutrition or taste. Here are 12 one sheet pan meals that come to our rescue and hopefully yours too.
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1. Maple-Glazed Salmon with Sweet Potatoes

Easily a go-to meal all family members will enjoy. All the components necessary for a balanced and healthy meal, and all on one pan. Made with 5 simple ingredients and layered with a golden maple glaze to elevate flavors to a whole new level, this meal is sure to be a favorite. Find the full recipe here.
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2. Cajun Shrimp and Sausage Vegetable Sheet Pan

Spice things up in the kitchen and ditch your boring family dinner by adding some Cajun flair to your meal. Full of nutritious veggies and perfect protein, this meal will leave your body feeling happy and full. This meal is also great for meal prep, just throw any leftovers in a container and enjoy the next day! Find the full recipe here.
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3. Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower Sheet Pan Dinner

Only two main ingredients are required: cauliflower and chicken breasts, followed by refreshing and flavorful ingredients like thyme, parmesan, and lemon zest and juice. With simple and rich ingredients like these, your taste buds are in for a treat. Have dinner on the table in less than an hour with only 10 minutes prep. Find the full recipe here.
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4. Lemon Pepper & Herb Tofu with Asparagus and Tahini Dressing

Who said one sheet pan meals can't be plant-based? Not us! This lemon pepper & herb tofu with asparagus is a simple an delicious staple for any diet. Fresh herbs like rosemary, thyme, and sage paired with a spritz of citrus pair perfectly together. Don't even get us started on the creamy tahini dressing, the cherry on top. Find the full recipe here.
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5. Healthy Tilapia and Veggies Sheet Pan

Every meal should contain three fundamental components: lean protein, healthy fats, and a complex carb. This meal meets all three of those conditions with perfectly combined flavors, and the best part, it only takes 20 minutes. This meal is proof that simple ingredients are all you need to make a delicious meal. Find the full recipe here.
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6. Gnocchi with Sausage and Peppers Sheet Pan

We need our Italian fix just like anyone else and though we might not be able to cook pasta on a pan, we can sure still create the perfect gnocchi dish. Gnocchi a classic Italian dish made from potatoes and, in in this recipe, paired with juicy roasted peppers and sausage. Find the full recipe here.
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7. Sheet Pan Chinese Cashew Tofu

The perfect solution to your Chinese food cravings, vegetarian style! A saucy blend of fresh veggies and protein-packed tofu. The best part is that it requires minimal ingredients and can be made in only two steps. The surprising nutty flavor and crunch from the cashews take this dish to the next level. Find the full recipe here.
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8. Veggie Shawarma Bowl with Roasted Cauliflower & Sweet Potato

Your next #meatlessmonday obsession. This one sheet pan shawarma is full of nutritious vegetables and LOADED with flavorful spices like paprika, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, and more. Your taste buds will be taking a flavor trip with each bite. Made in less than an hour and with less than 30 minutes prep time, this meal is a winner and sure to satisfy everyone. Find the full recipe here.
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9. One Pan Shrimp Fajitas

Everybody loves fajita night, why not make it even more simple and easy with just one pan? Not only is this recipe paleo, whole30, and dairy free, but the creamy homemade ranch sauce is a drizzle of liquid gold atop a nutritiously loaded bowl. Coconut cauliflower rice and perfectly seasoned shrimp make this meal a family (and tummy) favorite. Find the full recipe here.
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10. Lemon Parmesan Gnocchi with Mushrooms

Another gnocchi recipe, but make it zesty with lemony flavors. This Italian classic is full of fresh mushrooms, asparagus, gnocchi, and a touch of refreshing lemon to bring the flavors together. For a quick and light dinner that won't weigh you down when cooking or after feasting, this is the perfect recipe for you. Save your energy for post-dinner shenanigans and make this deliciously simple meal. Find the full recipe here.

11. Honey Glazed Pork Chops with Sweet Potatoes & Apples

Whoever claims to not like pork chops hasn't tried this quick and flavorful recipe. Sweet and juicy pork chops served with plump sweet potatoes and warm baked apples, ready in just 30 minutes. A touch of honey perfectly glazes the pork chops to create the perfect blend of sweet and salty flavors. Find the full recipe here.
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12. One Pan Honey Lemon Chicken and Asparagus

What's better than sweet and citrus flavors atop crunchy asparagus and juicy chicken? The answer, nothing. A flavorful blend of lemon, honey, garlic, and soy sauce create the most perfect and tasty chicken dish. This recipe uses asparagus, but you can easily substitute your favorite veggies instead to make the dish even more enjoyable. Find the full recipe here.