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12 Plant Based Recipes Your Family Will Love

 As more and more families start trying their hand at meatless meals, we wanted to contribute some of our favorite recipes to make life a little easier! There are many benefits to going plant-based for our bodies and the environment. If you've been toying with the idea of making some plant-based meals, but aren't sure if your fam will be on board, then we hope these will give you a hand and will be a favorite all around. Here are 12 plant-based recipes your family will be sure to love long after the first bite. 



vegan breakfast sandwich recipe

Photo credit: Mindful Avocado

1. Next Level Vegan Breakfast Sandwich

 Fast food breakfast sandwiches could never. This loaded bfast sammie is sure to blow all other sammies out of the water because you can't beat real ingredients and full flavor. Treat your body and taste buds to better. Find the full recipe here


healthy huevos rancheros tacos

Photo credit: Nutrition In the Kitch

2. Healthy Huevos Rancheros Tacos

 Being from Texas, there's no way we couldn't leave out our beloved breakfast tacos from this list. These huevos rancheros tacos are packed with protein to keep you chugging along all morning, and flavor to keep your taste buds happy. Find the full recipe here.


vegan french toast recipe

Photo credit: Choosing Chia

3. Vegan Cinnamon French Toast

 What's the weekend without brunch? French toast is always on the menu, especially when it's this delicious and wholesome. Skip the sugar loaded French toast and devour this healthier option that tastes even better. Find the full recipe here.



vegan chickpea sandwich

Photo credit: Vegan Heaven

4. Vegan Chickpea Sandwiches 

 Chickpea salad sammies are a staple in many plant-based folks' diets. Full of protein, fiber, and flavor, this loaded chickpea stack is definitely a must-try. Beware, you might find yourself making this on the daily. Find the full recipe here.


carrot and butternut squash soup

Photo credit: Wildway

5. Cozy Carrot & Butternut Squash Soup

 This soup is just as good warm as it is chilled, don't knock it till you try it! Pour yourself a bowl, or do what we sometimes do and use it as a sauce or dressing. No weird hidden ingredients, just real wholesome goodness to get you through the day. Find the full recipe here


quick and easy avocado toast

Photo credit: The Glowing Fridge

6. Quick and Easy Avocado Toast

 We all know her, we all love her ... at least those who love avocado. The versatility of avocado toast is unparalleled and this version with cucumber, microgreens, and a splash of lemon is one of our favorites. Branch out from your norm and give this version a try! Find the full recipe here



vegan burrito bowl

Photo credit: Eat With Clarity

7. Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burrito Bowl 

 Deconstructed burrito bowls will forever be a staple for us. What's better than a party of all your favorite veggies in one bowl? We're at a loss for ideas. This bowl is jam packed with nutrient-dense fuel to keep the family feeling good all night long. Find the full recipe here


quinoa and veggie loaded roasted peppers

Photo credit: Alexandra's Kitchen

8. Quinoa & Veggie Loaded Roasted Peppers

 A dinner the whole family will enjoy, and it's easy too! There's more to these stuffed peppers than what meets the eyes - zucchini, corn, and also quinoa are the name of the game. Get your colors in with these peppers. Find the full recipe here


quick and easy veggie spaghetti

Photo credit: The Simple Veganista

9. Quick & Easy Veggie Spaghetti

Name a better family dinner staple than spaghetti...not possible. For those nights when time is short and bellies are growling, this veggie spaghetti can be made in only 20 minutes and packs in the veggies! Swap out your old spaghetti for this new spin on a classic. Find the full recipe here.



delicious vegan apple crumble

Photo credit: Wildway

10. Delicious Apple Crumble

One of our favorites because you truly can't go wrong with a warm and cozy apple crumble. Made with all real ingredients and sweetened with a little bit of maple syrup, this crumble knocks all others out of the park. Why make your own crumble topping when our granola already has you covered?! Find the full recipe here.


vegetarian strawberry frozen yogurt granola cups

Photo credit: Wildway

11. Strawberry Frozen Yogurt Granola Cups

 Bite sized pieces of heaven on a hot summer day, these granola cups are perfect for a little snack break in between moments of fun. The recipe can be easily made plant based by substituting in your favorite dairy-free yogurt. Completely added sugar free, these cups are the move. Find the full recipe here


no bake turtle brownies

Photo credit: Purely Kaylie

12. No Bake Turtle Brownies

 Couldn't complete this list without adding in a little chocolate goodness. Sweetened naturally with only dates, these turtle brownies speak our language. We just might have to put our own wild spin on these with a bit of granola! Find the full recipe here.