healthy sweet folded tortilla wrap

Grain-Free Sweet Folded Tortilla Wrap


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1. Lay tortilla on a flat surface. Use a knife to make a cut halfway across the tortilla from the bottom.

2. Decorate the tortilla in 4 sections:

       a. Bottom left, spread a layer of nut butter and place banana slices on top.

       b. Top left, spread mashed raspberries.

       c. Top right, sprinkle Wildway Banana Nut granola.

       d. Bottom right, spread a layer of yogurt and top with chia seeds.

3. Fold the tortilla in a clockwise fashion starting with the bottom left corner: lift the bottom left corner and fold it on top of the top left, fold the top left across on top of the top right, then fold the top right over the bottom right to create a layered triangle.

4. Once folded, top with a drizzle of nut butter or more yogurt, more fruit, and sprinkle on more granola. Enjoy!