ways to get outside in the winter

Adapting Your Movement with the Seasons

Step outside and you can feel the air getting cooler. The leaves have begun to fall, the sun is on a different schedule, the weather conditions are getting less favorable for some sports and even sweeter for others. With the changing of the seasons, we must adapt our movement to the conditions. A change in clothing, gear, flexibility, preparedness, and many many other factors are in a phase of transition. 

Winter is coming and we must succumb to the conditions for the sake of staying active. Throw on the layers, dust off the gear, mentally prepare for the frigid temps, and get out there. For most of us, we're not willing to be stuck indoors for the sake of being comfortable when a world that would test those boundaries of comfort lies just beyond our front door. 

Whatever it is you enjoy doing during the spring, summer and early fall months, adapt it to extend the enjoyment year-round. Running in the falling snow may not be the most comfortable, snowshoeing or backcountry skiing may leave you feeling frantic for direction with the trail being buried under layers of snow, and climbing frozen glaciers may seem impossible; nevertheless, it is all worth it in the end. Memories and mental toughness, that's what comes from chasing experiences where you were initially uncomfortable!

You never know what form of movement will have you hooked, so why not try them all? Layer up, get outside, and awaken a part of yourself you never would have known existed had you not dared to step outside into the great white snowy landscape. It's important to have an understanding of what you're getting yourself into before you step into it. Ask yourself, what gear will I need? How should I best dress to stay warm for this? What kind of terrain and environment will I be planting myself in? 

The more we physically and mentally prepare ourselves for what we are pursuing, the better equipped we will be to push through the favorable and unfavorable circumstances alike. Don't bother getting your expectations worked up, but rather show up with a open and accepting mindset for all that could lie ahead.

Not sure what forms of movement to give a try first? Anything that gets you outdoors and active!

  • Start slow by going for a walk until one day you work your way up to a jog, and then eventually a run! Feeling confident? Take your run to the trails and really test your abilities.
  • Continue your hiking into the winter snow with a pair of snowshoes or skis to keep you wandering through the mountains and forests year-round.
  • Hit the lifts with a snowboard or skis to experience the freeing feeling of gliding through pillowy snow as you sail down the side of a mountain.
  • Grab a group of experienced buddies and take your climbing to the ice with alpine climbing. Not for the faint of heart, alpine climbing will surely test your physical and mental strength in the best way possible.
  • Bundle up, grab your choice of warm beverage, and go for a walk in your neighborhood. Embrace the chilly winds and take in the beauty that surrounds you.

You don't have to become a daring sportsman to experience movement outdoors during the snowy winter months. All you have to do is get outside yourself mentally and outdoors physically.