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The Problem with Displaced Realities

Sometime long ago we heard a piece of truth that’s stuck with us, “Discontent comes from seeking a reality that is not what you are currently living”. The hard truth is, we can hope as much as we like for our circumstances, current situation, and reality to conform to our desires, but that’s simply not how life works. This is the problem with displaced realities. It is far easier to invest our time in wishing and hoping for change than to recognize one of two things: 1. Change requires action and 2. Sometimes the matter of our realities is out of our hand, all we can do is be patient and present in the here and now. 

Many of us have found ourselves in these familiar states, maybe now more than ever. Social distancing and quarantine are uncomfortable and unfamiliar for many. We want to be outside, surrounded by good company, not worrying about making ends meet, and certainly not thinking about rationing necessities as simple as toilet paper. We look to the future with high hopes and can’t help but think everything will be better down the line when all of this settles. This is where our thoughts and perceptions fail us, because there is no assurance that your life will be any better or worse than how it is at the present moment. Our realities, now and forever, will always be unpredictable and at times unfavorable. But, as with many things, there’s always a lesson to be learned, a silver lining to be found. 

The solution to overcoming displaced realities? Be present in your days and accept the obstacles that fall along your path. This state of mind is by no means an excuse that you cannot overcome your circumstances, or that hoping and wishing are lost causes. These words of advice are merely an attempt to provide you, and ourselves, a reality check. It’s not a secret that we are in tough times full of strife and uncertainty. Wishing and dreaming for a reality different from anything than what we are currently experiencing will only bring further stress, deeper discontent, heightened anxiety. Change the things you can and release control of the things you can’t.

Ask yourself, how can I better come to terms with this reality I am in? What steps can I take, changes can I make, to accept this reality and find peace? Your Now may not be what you would like it be. This is okay. Press forward, adapt, overcome. All that exists is the Now, our current state of being - this is our reality.