healthy thanksgiving appetizers and sides

18 Easy & Healthy Thanksgiving Appetizer Recipes

The holiday season is in full swing and we're busting out nothing but the best of the best appetizer recipes for you to enjoy! There's nothing more comforting during this season than good wholesome food made from scratch and with love. These recipes are all paleo-friendly with some vegan options as well. 
If you're looking for a healthy twist on some Thanksgiving classics or if you're looking to elevate your holiday menu, then look no further than these 18 delicious and healthy Thanksgiving appetizer recipes!
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1. Paleo Butternut Sausage Stuffing with Apples and Cranberries

It's not a Thanksgiving feast without the stuffing! Spruce up your old dusty recipe with this healthy and insanely delicious stuffing recipe. Made with tender butternut squash, spiced apples, and cranberries, this recipe is paleo, Whole30, and free of grains and dairy. Get sweet and savory with your stuffing this year, it's a good time to try something new.

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2. Easy Cranberry Pistachio Cheese Log

For when the turkey is taking too long, this cheese log will do a perfect job holding everyone over until the real feast is ready. Thanksgiving day is a busy one already, so do yourself a favor and prep this recipe days in advance! All you need are 10 minutes and simple ingredients to create this sweet and tangy cranberry pistachio cheese log.
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3. Maple Bacon Baked Brussels & Sweet Potato

Sweet maple roasted sweet potatoes and brussels garnished with savory and salty bits of real bacon, this is one side you'll want in your Thanksgiving feast. Made with real wholesome ingredients, this subtly sweet and warm side will have even the pickiest eaters begging for their veggies!

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4. Mashed Cauliflower

Want to experience the warm and comforting experiences of homemade mashed potatoes without the heavy feeling in your stomach that follows? This mashed cauliflower dish is just perfect. All the delicious savory flavor and texture of traditional mashed potatoes, but more rich in nutrients and flavor! Just 5 simple ingredients and 25 minutes to create this perfect side. No one will be missing the taters with this one.
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5. Fall Harvest Salad

A full-bodied salad featuring all the best fall fruits and vegetables - this salad will be on repeat the entire season. Tender squash, crisp apple, kale, savory brussels, colorful beets, pomegranate seeds, cranberries, and a flavorful tahini maple dressing that serves as the cherry on top! This recipe is bursting with endless flavors and textures to keep your tastebuds on edge with each bite.
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6. Whole30 Sweet Potato Casserole with Pecans

A staple at any Thanksgiving feast, the infamous sweet potato casserole. A healthier twist, this recipe skips the sugary marshmallow but still retains the same sweet flavors you know and love. Made with wholesome ingredients like tender sweet potatoes and a delightful cinnamon pecan-date topping that will surely knock your holiday socks off!
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7. Low Carb Cauliflower Stuffing

Is there nothing cauliflower can't make better? Just like the mashed cauliflower, this cauli stuffing is lower in carbs and rich in nutrients. A perfect option for anyone looking for a paleo, keto, or simply a delicious stuffing recipe. All you need to create this mouth-watering recipe is 10 minutes of prep and fresh ingredients like cauliflower, onion, pecans, and a variety of flavorful herbs and spices!
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8. Cranberry Sweet Potato Turkey Poppers

Meatballs are so last season, take your Thanksgiving dinner to the next level with these delicious cranberry sweet potato turkey poppers. These juicy bites are made with simple ingredients: turkey, cranberries, sweet potato, and fresh herbs like sage, parsley, and rosemary. These little poppers are paleo, whole30, and gluten-free.
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9. Paleo Dinner Rolls

It's not a holiday dinner without the warm pillowy basket of rolls. Just because you follow a paleo diet doesn't mean you can't enjoy the perfect dinner roll. These little guys are made from a combination of tapioca or arrowroot starch and coconut flour, plus 4 other simple ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen! 

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10. Parmesan Zucchini Corn Casserole

Tired of making and eating the same old boring casseroles year after year? Change it up this year with this delicious parmesan and zucchini corn casserole full of veggies and out-of-this-world flavors. In 15 minutes, with minimal ingredients, you can have this dish on the table and ready to be enjoyed!

11. Whole30 Green Bean Casserole

Just like sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole is yet another staple in any Thanksgiving recipe round up. This recipe is as fresh as it gets, made with real whole ingredients and none of that canned soup nonsense. Just 3 easy ingredients like green beans, a homemade cream of mushroom, and no added sugar bacon.
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12. Paleo Acorn Squash Casserole

A healthy alternative or addition to the traditional sweet potato casserole, this acorn squash version is equally delicious and oh so easy! This casserole is lightly sweetened with an added hint of coconut, but one thing its not is full of fake ingredients and refined sugars. Bonus points, this recipe is paleo and free of gluten, dairy, and refined sugars!

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13. Healthy Cranberry Sauce

Whether you enjoy cranberry sauce or not, it's not a true Thanksgiving if the traditional sauce is absent from the menu. Forget the drab canned cranberry sauce and make this easy and delicious homemade version instead. Free of refined sugars and unnecessary ingredients and preservatives, this recipe is vegan, paleo, and wonderfully tasty.  
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14. Whole30 Steak Bites with Sweet Potatoes and Peppers

Not a fan of turkey or have a family member who isn't? No worries, this steak bite dish with sweet potatoes and peppers is just what you need to satisfy everyone. Not only is this recipe simple and delicious, it's wickedly easy to make in just one pan! A staple filling meal to satisfy anyone who enjoys mouth-watering tender steak and savory veggies. 
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15. Sweet Potato Rounds with Goat Cheese Appetizers

The ultimate combo of sweet juicy sweet potato rounds topped with savory and salty goat cheese - this pairing will make you extra grateful this Thanksgiving. A festive appetizer, this one features flavorful sweet potato topped with goat cheese, dried cranberries, and a honey balsamic glaze that will send you out of this world.
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16. The Best Whole Roasted Cauliflower

This one might be a bit untraditional, but there's never been a better time to try something new and spruce up your Thanksgiving feast. Whole roasted cauliflower recipes are blowing up everywhere and we're here for it! This recipe requires only 5 ingredients and features the most delicious spicy-but-not-too-spicy sauce that will have you in heaven with each bite.
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17. Vegan Mac 'N Cheese

Is there ever an inappropriate time for mac 'n cheese? We sure hope not because this vegan mac 'n cheese is on our menu every year. This elevated recipe features real whole ingredients that will not only please the kiddos, but adults as well! A cashew cheese sauce is the secret ingredient that makes this dish 10/10.
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18. Chicken Pot Pie Casserole

Chicken pot pie casserole may not be a traditional Thanksgiving dish, but there's nothing wrong with trying something new. Besides, you really can't go wrong with such a fan favorite dish like chicken pot pie casserole, especially when each comforting bite makes you feel just a little more grateful.