Wildway Embarks on a Transformative Journey Towards Regenerative Agriculture

Wildway Embarks on a Transformative Journey Towards Regenerative Agriculture

Press Release: [SAN ANTONIO, TX] – [10/24/23] – Wildway, an innovator within the natural foods industry that uses wholesome, real food ingredients in its breakfast and snacks, is thrilled to introduce its newest line of products, "Planet Friendly Oats." In a profound demonstration of its commitment to a regenerative future, Wildway has built a regenerative organic supply chain and is bringing it to the breakfast aisle to set new standards in sustainability, flavor, and nutrition.

 Wildway believes that food is not just sustenance; it's an avenue for positive change. Today, the company is proud to embrace a new milestone in its mission that underscores its unwavering dedication to connecting climate health to human health. By continually pushing the boundaries, Wildway is shaping a food future prioritizing regeneration over mere sustainability.

 "At Wildway, we've embraced a new chapter in our commitment to food as an avenue for positive change," said Kyle Koehler, CEO and co-founder at Wildway. "We’ve always committed to bring consumers ‘back to the Wild,’ and if we truly want to get there, we must embrace the wild agricultural principles that are wild by design. Introducing regenerative farming as a vital addition to our ethos signifies our dedication to our planet's well-being and, equally, to our consumers' health. By continuously raising the bar, we're shaping a food future that prioritizes regeneration, not just sustainability. Our new Beyond Sustainable Oats are an ode to this commitment, marking a significant step towards a more promising, equitable, and regenerative food future for all. We're excited to be at the forefront of this transformative journey, emphasizing our responsibility to both our consumers and the vitality of regenerative farming."

 Key Features of "Planet Friendly Oats":

Regenerative Organic Ingredients: Wildway has joined forces with regenerative organic farmers around the globe that utilize practices that heal the soil, foster biodiversity, and combat climate change without synthetic pesticides or GMOs.

Flavorful and Wholesome: Wildway's unwavering commitment to flavor and quality shines through with a blend of organic oats, organic real fruit, and organic coconut sugar to create a delightful, naturally sweet taste profile without natural flavorings, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives.

Eco-Conscious Packaging: The packaging promotes circularity by using up to 50% recycled and reclaimed materials. Their oats are also the first product line they are using to trial fully home compostable packaging made from cassava and beetroot fibers instead of petroleum-based plastic. 

Plastic and Carbon Neutral: Global carbon capture and plastic reclamation projects offset the manufacturing emissions it takes to produce these products.


The Oats are available in 4 flavors: Original, Raspberry Chia, Maple Coconut Sugar, and Banana Nut and will be available at Whole Foods Markets in the Northeast and Southern California and online via the Wildway website, beginning 10/23/23. For additional information about this product and other Wildway offerings, please visit Wildwayoflife.com.

 About Wildway:

 Wildway is a natural and organic breakfast and snack food manufacturer whose mission is to connect climate health to human health through regenerative organic supply chains, direct farmer relationships, and a focus on circularity and nature positive outcomes for people and the planet. 

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