Christmas Tradition

Christmas Tradition

Kyle & I are huge proponents for experiences over things.  So much so, that we convinced our family to forgo the traditional Christmas in favor of traveling somewhere during the holidays.  Instead of presents and material items, our Christmases are full of adventures and memories.

Last year, we spent Christmas in Aruba.  We traveled the whole island visiting every beach, snorkeling as often as we could, and just relaxing in the 80 degree December weather.  It was SUCH a treat.  And you know what?  We didn't miss the gifts one bit.


This year, we are headed to Costa Rica.  In fact, I'm writing this post from a van that is currently taking us from San Jose all the way down to Manzanillo at the Southern Caribbean part of the country.

Kyle & I went on our honeymoon in Costa Rica 5 years ago and explored much of the Pacific side of the country.  We wanted a difference experience this time, so we are heading to a very UN-touristy part of Costa Rica and we will be staying in an open air eco-lodge, sleeping with the monkeys.  We cannot wait.

This Christmas tradition of traveling instead of exchanging gifts has quickly become a family favorite, and one that we would highly recommend to anyone.  Because at the end of your life will you look back and remember that pair of tennis shoes you wanted so badly one year?  Or will you look back and remember the fun memories you created with loved ones?

We choose to place value on people over possessions.
We choose to create a life full of adventure and experiences.

We choose to Live Wild.