MS150 Hacks: 5 Insider Tips to Biking 150 Miles

MS150 Hacks: 5 Insider Tips to Biking 150 Miles

You can check everything off the packing list, read all our recaps, follow the training plans, and do everything your local bike shop says you need to do to get ready for a ride like this. Still, there are some things that only someone who has completed the race would know and Wildway is here to let you in on those little secrets. Read our MS150 hacks and you'll crush those miles like a seasoned pro.

1. Skip the first breakpoint of both days

The beginning of each race day is the time when you will have the most energy. Take advantage of it. Don't stop at those first breakpoints unless you have to and try to make it as far as you can on that early-on endurance.

2. Say no to the sugary snacks 

The breakpoints are stocked with endless drinks and snacks that you will definitely need and want after miles on a bike. However, 3 bags of Doritos and a package of Oreos aren't going to feel good in your stomach when your back on the road. So, pass on those and go for the Wildway and fruit instead. They will give your body the proper fuel it needs.

3. Stick ice cubes in your headband/buff

Breakpoint water stations also usually hand out ice when you fill up your bottle, so snag a few of those ice cubes and stick them in your headband, bandana, or buff to keep your head and neck cool. The ice will slowly melt as you're riding and offer a sweet relief from the inescapable Texas heat.

4. Get in the right line at La Grange

The morning of Day 2 is pretty chaotic. Thousands of riders accumulate at these fairgrounds and await the 6:45 am start from La Grange. Two lines form from the campgrounds to the highway and riders inch their way closer and closer to the starting line. Make sure you are in the RIGHT line. This one moves much faster and will put you out on the road to the finish up to 30 minutes earlier than the line on the left.


This stuff is a life-saver and will be your best friend for the MS150. Use it generously. It's at most breakpoint medical tents, but we suggest bringing your own so you can soothe your aching joints and muscles whenever you need to.

The MS150 is a ride you will want to do again and again. Team Wildway can attest to that. Every year, you discover more of these little hacks and every year, it gets more and more fun. Join us in this adventure and find a few hacks of your own.